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Inheritance Equalization: Distributing Assets Fairly and Equitably

When Creating Your Estate Plan…you may find you have assets that are illiquid or aren’t easily divided among your heirs. Perhaps you have a family business or valuable real estate that you want to keep in your family. Or a sizable property that can’t easily be sold. There are many things you should consider when creating your estate plan, including how to distribute assets fairly among your children or heirs.

If you have a family business, it can be difficult to treat all your heirs equitably if you have one or more children involved in the business (i.e., your "participating” heirs), but others who are not (your “non-participating” heirs). This can be particularly troublesome if your business is your largest asset, and you want it to continue to the next generation.

There is one solution that can help: Using life insurance for inheritance equalization. In situations like these, life insurance can provide the liquidity to give all heirs their fair share of the estate — without liquidating any assets, including the family business.

We’ve designed this guide to help you learn more about inheritance equalization with life insurance.

Download the .PDF Guide Below:

Inheritance Equalization Client Guide
Download PD • 4.13MB


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